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1101 [Allert&NellieDescendants.FTW]

Places of Residence - Cicero, Illinois / Highland, Indiana / Lake Village, Indiana / Matteson, Illinois / North Carolina 
Cleveringa, Grace (I1765)
1102 [Allert&NellieDescendants.FTW]

Religion - Baptist
Places of Residence - Highland, Indiana / Lake Village, Indiana / Springhill, Florida 
Cleveringa, Antoinette (I1767)
1103 [Allert&NellieDescendants.FTW]

Religion - Lutheran
Places of Residence - Lake Village, Indiana / Grant Park, Illinois 
Cleveringa, Theresa (I1762)
1104 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Oakwood Cemetery, Muskegon, Michigan
Ten Hove, Peter (I1379)
1105 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Buried in Lake Forest Cemetery in Grand Haven, block 45, lo t 49, grave 2.
Bolhuis, Gertrude (I1341)
1106 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Buried in Lake Forest Cemetery in Grand Haven, Ottawa, MIchigan, blo ck 45, lot 49, grave 3.

!BIRTH: Annette Dirkse wrote out a family tree which listed Dick Dir kse's birthdate as November 14, 1876.

!MARRIAGE: Witnesses to the wedding of Dick J. Dirkse and Gertrude Bo lhuis were Anna Bolhius of Grand Haven and Peter Dirkse of Grand Rapi ds. The issuing of the marriage license and a brief account of the w edding are given in the Grand Haven Daily Tribune dated 23 Apr and 2 4 Apr, 1902, respectively.

!NAME: Was given the name, Derk. He went by Dick after arriving in th e United

The surname, Dirkse, is made up of two parts: 1) the first name of th e father, Derk, and 2) the ending, se, which is the masculine form me aning "son of." The older spelling of Derk is: Derck, and thus the s urname for male offspring could be spelled Derckse in older records . Dropping the letter "c" and the spelling, "Dirk" both seem to appe ar after arrival in the United States, although these changes may hav e occurred in The Netherlands as well. The ending, je, is the femini ne form meaning "daughter of." Thus, the surname could be Dirkje o r Derkje for female offspring.

!COMMENT: Dick J. had a half- or step-sister whose married name was A nne

!COMMENT: The Michigan Census, of 6 June, 1894, page 244 B shows a Pi eter
Dirkse (father) and Adrianna (mother) and six children living on Fult on Street in Grand Haven. In that same household was a Dirk Dirkse , aged 17, who is listed as "home less" rather than as a son or daugh ter as are the other children. The mother, father and two oldest chi ldren had resided in the state for 13 years, as had the Dirk Dirkse m entioned above. (One of the two older children is also named Dirk) . Best guess at this time (2 Sep 1996) is that this Pieter Dirkse fa mily is the one that raised the 'home less' Dirk Dirkse. Pieter Dirk se may be either a cousin (or uncle) to the 'home less' Dirk Dirkse.

!OCCUPATION: This census also shows that Pieter and Dirk were tanners.

!IMMIGRATION: The census of 1894 indicates that Dirk Dirkse immigrate d from
'Holland' to the United States in 1881.
Dirkse, Dirk (I1340)
1107 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Christian Memorial Cultural Center, Rochester Hills, Michiga n.
Haagen, Orie or Bud Floris Vander (I1318)
1108 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Is buried in Lake Forest Cemetary, block 25, lot 37, grave 7.
Dirkse, John Gerrit (I1363)
1109 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Is buried in Lake Forest Cemetary, block 25, lot 37, grave 8.

!NAME: The 1900 census lists a Van Boomgard family, Irene is the youn gest.
Boomgaard, Irene (I1313)
1110 [Jdirkse.ged]

!BURIAL: Is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Muskegon, Michigan.
Dirkse, Annette (I1365)
1111 [Jdirkse.ged]

!COMMENT: According to information given in a letter written by Anne tte Dirkse in June 1982, Johannes Dirkse married for the second tim e after he arrived in Michigan, probably between 1881 and 1883. Hi s second wife lived in Grand Rapids, and must have lived well beyon d 1910 because Annette Dirkse, who was born in 1909, remembers meetin g her.
Family F194
1112 [Jdirkse.ged]

!COMMENT: Derk Dirkse (Dick J.) listed Minnie Kaalz as his mother o n his marriage certificate, but we do not know whether she was Johann es' first or second wife. Thus, the date of death would be correct o nly if Minnie was Johannes' first wife and Dick J.'s biological mothe r, rather than Johannes' second wife and Dick J.'s stepmother.
Katte, Wilhelmina (I1312)
1113 [Jdirkse.ged]

!COMMENT: Remembers jumping into big piles of leaves and burying them selves up to their necks when their father was raking leaves in the y ard. (Told to us on May 12, 1996.)

!DEATH: Died of complications following a heart attack in St. Franci s Hospital, Peoria, Illinois.
Ronda, Doris (I1336)
1114 [Jdirkse.ged]

!MARRIAGE: It is not clear whether Minnie Kaalz was Johannes' Dirkse 's first wife, in which case they would have married before 1877 in T he Netherlands, and she would have died there in about 1878, or wheth er she was the woman Johannes married sometime after he immigrated t o Michigan, probably between 1881 and 1883. Minnie Kaalz is the pers on Dick J. Dirkse named as his mother on his marriage certificate i n 1902.
Family F193
1115 [Jdirkse.ged]

!MARRIAGE: We do not know whether this woman was Johannes first or se cond wife.
Dirkse, Mrs. Johannes Dirkse (I1320)
1116 [Jdirkse.ged]

!NAME: His parents did NOT give him the name, Richard. He adopted th is name as a young man, and it is by now probably a legal name.

!COMMENT: Paul Dirkse remembers building ice boxes one summer in Gra nd Haven. After he graduated from high school, he and two friends dr ove to southern California and spent the winter working at odd jobs , light factory and construction. He graduated from high school in 1 925.
Dirkse, M.D. Paul Richard (I1333)
1117 [Jdirkse.ged]

!NAME: It is possible that Anne Dirkse is the child of the woman iden tified
here as Mrs. Johannes Dirkse and someone other than Johannes Dirkse , in which
case Anne (Dirkse) Fongers would be Dick J. Dirkse's step-sister, rat her than
his half-sister.
Dirkse, Anne (I1321)
1118 [verhoef.FTW]


Invalid baptism temple code: ALAKD.
Verhoef, Francina (I1282)

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